July Photo Challenge

Well I've decided to take up a version of Pip's 365 day photo challenge and that is, to commit to at least the month of July and then see how I'm faring (is this a cop-out?) We are so often behind the lense and scrapping for others, it's nice to have some evidence that I too made it past my teens! A bit of a photographic diary if you will. I like to challenge myself, and I'm always going on about how I'd love to get into photography more, so this is one way to push start myself!
These count for days 1, 2 and 3 - .The first one a mirror jobby, the second was taken by a good mate of mine - Sharon on our recent visit to Brizvegas at the Roma St Botanical gardens and the third is one Mac took of me with Toby (I'm usually photographing him with the kids) about three weeks ago. I love this photo, as I'm in it without taking away from him being the focus. Isn't Toby the cutest bub you've ever seen! He is such a happy kid, he really does light up my days. See you tomorrow...

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