Time Out

Hi everyone - just writing a quick post to let you all know I'm having some time in the lovely city of Perth. I'm catching up with some great friends whilst here which I'm totally looking forward to - especially some old buddies from primary school as I haven't seen them in over 20 years! And also the lovely JO (check out her awesome murals and silver jewellery). So check in here later on in the week - there may be a little something to share! Hope you all had a lovely easter. The easter bunny definitely hopped over to our house and we had two very happy little people here after finding some hidden treasures in the garden!
See you soon!
X Me



Here 'tis. I finished it off last night. Well, actually - there is one more thing to do - I have a small door handle type embellishment I want to add - but I just have to find the right way to safely puncture the canvas to attach it. Other than that - it's finished.

This is my word for the year... It is a reminder to me that the hardest step is usually the first. And I have managed many times to take the first step - and I know how that just seems to open up and unleash so much - whether it be creativity, thoughts, ideas or opportunities. So - it's my reminder. To continue to bravely step forward - even if they're baby steps. Keep moving forward. My favourite quote - which I've had in my study for about 10 years now sums it up perfectly:

"Keep going and chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down"
Charles F Kettering

Have a wonderful day!
X Me


Sneak Peek...

Working on this at the moment - inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts' collaborative painting with Mati Rose... If I post it half done - then that's my little kick up the bum to finish it off - soon! lol - Have a great day wherever you are, X Me


Yay - I Did It!

FINALLY! I managed to get the header image to load. Don't ask me what went wrong - but I found a forum where someone suggested this particular edit to the HTML code, and as you can see - magic! Aaaahhhh... I think I'll just stare at it for a little while longer :)

On the home front, Mr 'I'm-2-and-I'm-in-denial-about-it' had a great time last night with all his cousins, aunty and uncle over for dinner ( he didn't want us to sing him the happy birthday song, or open his presents and shook his head when asked if he was turning 2!)
And of course - we all know that birthdays are all about the cake aren't they? Well for this little guy, who is never EVER without a train in his hand, and for whom his first word spoken was 'Babelle' (as in Thomas the Tank Engine's coach 'Clarabel') it just went without saying really...

Here's a family shot - well except the very sneaky Mumma who so graciously offered to take the photo. And as for the wierdo drop-in on my right, I have absolutely no idea who that is...

So, I'm a happy little blogger now and can spend my time doing more useful things like painting and creating rather than trying to wrap my head around HTML! Hope your weekend is turning into something special. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Someone's Birthday is Today...

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Happy Jack! My how time flies! I won't write too much here as it's late and I'm so tired. But here's just a few happy snaps from our day. Present opening at home, icing the cupcakes which we had at the park with friends, lunch with more friends and still more to come tomorrow! Hope you had a great day today too - wherever you are! I have a journal in the making and will endeavour to post some progress photos tomorrow, and a few canvases are on their way as well.
Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


Had Enough!

I have tried absolutely everything o fix this header problem - clearing caches, editing HTML - the lot! So I may be shifting to a new blog soon, I'm seriously considering it... Anyway - here's the girl I posted a little while ago - finished, but not a favourite. But I'm putting this stuff up because showing my art, whether I think it's worthy of it or not is very therapeutic. Because it's not about whether or not people like it really, it's about doing the art and being proud of it because it's a reflection of me - a piece of me. And if I continually bag my own creations then I'm bagging me - and, well, then there's just no point in doing it at all - is there! It is about being a bit vulnerable, wearing your heart open and being 'out there' for others to see, and comment and like, or hate. But in doing so - there's a freedom that I get, and a definite feeling of being authentically me (this is a buzz word lately in books I've been reading - finding my authentic self) - and a 'bugger-what-people-think' kind of feeling which is quite like a fresh sea breeze on your face. So anyway - here she is...

Thanks for stopping by, X Me