My Everyday Life Continued...

Hi! Just finished off the latest for my family journal - in record time too! And, as such, they're not exactly magazine standard - on the contrary - quite rushed and pretty much used little thought at all - BUT, I love them! They record things I know I'd forget in time - the seemingly unimportant things, which are really the most important. And thanks to Ros for the little prompt! Thanks so much for stopping by - perhaps I'll have some 'real' scrapping up very soon! Luv Me x


I'm Still Here!

Hi everyone! Here's a few photos of the latest scrap from me. It's the front cover to a new circle journal run by Poppy'smum over at the SM forum. This one had to be 8x8inch and made out of corrugated cardboard - the type from the shop. The title - as you can see is "I Must Confess" and a bit of a play on the catholic words for confession. But - it's more about those little habits we all have - sometimes neurotic, sometimes obsessive compulsive, and sometimes just a little quirky, that we don't really divulge to others in case they think we're a freak. Such as: you make your toast placed buttered sides touching on the plate, or the toilet paper a certain way on the roll, or you actually really do like The Proclaimers and Nana M. Perhaps you count the flashes of the indicator on the car ahead of you? Or - like me, you just can't go to bed with dirty feet! I'm looking forward to getting this one back and learning a little more about the quirky side of my friends!
I must say - as far as the layouts I've done so far - this one has been the most difficult in terms of making it 'work' - and I'm still not convinced I have. But - I am so sick of adding, changing, deliberating and moving things around on it - it will just have to do. Need I say, it looks nothing at all like the image I started out with in my head! Thanks for stopping by - have a great day wherever you are, luv Me x


My Home Town

This is a LO I just finished this morning for a CJ from the SM Forum. This one belongs to Chellejamo - and is titled My Home Town. So - as you may have guessed, each of us must do a LO based on where we live. Now - this was a real challenge for me because I've never scrapped soemthing inanimate before. So it sat for a whole week on my desk until I had a brainwave. I hope you like it Michelle! Luv Me x


More of our everyday life...

I've been a bit absent this week because Mac has been away since monday. Generally when I have the kiddies on my own, I'm hard pressed to get the beds made, let-alone scrapping. I'm a week behind on my everyday journal - and may even just write one week off so as to keep up with it. But here's the latest anyway - they're last weeks piccies. Thanks for stopping by. Hope life in your part of the village is great. Luv Me x


My Everyday Life Continues...

Here's some of the latest from two weeks ago. Tonight I'll catch up on the past 7 days. To all of you baby-wearers out there, I have since had a lesson in wearing a ring sling! Ros - that's the watercolour page I was talking about... Luv Me x


Not Just Any Old Take-away...

Here's a LO I did last night for another CJ over at the SM Forum. This one was themed - This Is Me. Thanks for lookin'! Luv Me x


I'm Ba-ack!

Just had Mr Telstra do his thing and get us back up and running with Broadband - yippee! So - here's a few LO's I've done in the meantime. The one titled Just Right - which was obviously made from a cereal box - was supposed to be for a challenge over at The Dares site - but I missed out due to being offline. The challenge was to create a LO using only non-scrapping supplies, only things you'd find around the house etc. Then there's another one for Millie's album, and a family LO of Moo and Toby. These shots are rare, as Millie tends to put him in a strangle hold rather than a nice sisterly hug! And lastly, the OTP card thingo I made for Mac for Father's Day. Thanks for stopping by, Luv Me x