Some Scraps...

It's a wonderful week - why I hear you ask? Because Ma and Pa are here visiting. It's always sooo good to have family around isn't it?! And to add to the excitement, Aunty Nellie and Aunty Wil (no, not a lesbian couple, just Miss M's way of saying Uncle Wil -LOL!) also did the mad dash north for the weekend. So Miss Moo and Toby have had such a great time with all the rellies around. And I've managed to get these two done for Miss M's album.

How is life in your part of the global village? Hope it's lovely. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


You Be The Judge

This is my attempt at doing simple layouts! It really is alot harder than it looks - with a box full of embellishments, it's hard to pull back and say no to all those yummy things inside! But I think it's true, that sometimes less really is more. What do you think?
ps: that little stamp on the first one apparently says 'love'. Can anyone tell me if I've got it the right way up?!!


There's only one thing good about going to work... Coming home.

Just had to snap a pic of Mr T wearing his favourite shoes - Miss Moo's Dora the Explorer sandals complete with large flower on the side. Every morning when I get him dressed he points to them and says "Gng!" with gusto , meaning "I want to wear those please!" So I put them on, and off he toddles, feeling like a million bucks I'm sure!

Got some lovely new hand made paper from Em in the mail on Friday, and a littel RAK off a friend, so will try and create this week, although have the dreaded lurgey and am feeling yuk - so we'll see. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Moo Scraps

I finally got around to putting together a little box of scrap supplies for Millie on the weekend. This was a wooden box that used to hold all my I'll-get-it-done-one-day-soon projects such as chipboard albums etc - but I thought it'd be better used as a craft/scrap box for Miss Moo.

So - after hours of fun and enjoyment (truly), she came up with this...

It now takes pride of place on the fridge door - and I can honestly say she did all of it on her own - except for the two squiggly cloud borders around two photos - BUT - the rest was all Millie! She didn't know what to do with the textas, so I showed her one border - then of course she wanted me to do it all - so I did one more, and then left the rest to her. I wasn't sure if she'd keep asking me for help or not - so I disappeared and when I returned a little later, she'd managed to do all the 'borders' around the circle stickers on her own! I was so impressed! (she's only two and a half!)
Thanks for visiting my space - as my frined Witchy says - leave me some love!
X Me


My Gorgeous Girl

Hi everyone - sorry about the radio silence - have been a bit busy of late. Went away last weekend for three days to my bro's holiday house in Lancelin which was a long overdue break from renovating. Haven't done much scrapping this week either - so not much to report on that front. So thought I'd show off some pics recently taken of my gorgeous girl eating her banana smoothie icecream - doesn't she just shine! This is Miss Moo when asked to "smile for mumy!"

She really cracks me up sometimes! Hope you're having a great week wherever youa re. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll try to not make it so long between drinks next time! X Me