Moo Scraps

I finally got around to putting together a little box of scrap supplies for Millie on the weekend. This was a wooden box that used to hold all my I'll-get-it-done-one-day-soon projects such as chipboard albums etc - but I thought it'd be better used as a craft/scrap box for Miss Moo.

So - after hours of fun and enjoyment (truly), she came up with this...

It now takes pride of place on the fridge door - and I can honestly say she did all of it on her own - except for the two squiggly cloud borders around two photos - BUT - the rest was all Millie! She didn't know what to do with the textas, so I showed her one border - then of course she wanted me to do it all - so I did one more, and then left the rest to her. I wasn't sure if she'd keep asking me for help or not - so I disappeared and when I returned a little later, she'd managed to do all the 'borders' around the circle stickers on her own! I was so impressed! (she's only two and a half!)
Thanks for visiting my space - as my frined Witchy says - leave me some love!
X Me


  1. lots a love for you scrap girls...look out another Jensen is making there mark in the scrap world....you go moo...a fabulous layout !!!!!

  2. Aww I wish my mum would put my work on the fridge! lmao! Your work is amazing! I love it.

  3. I so thought I left a comment when I was on here the other night...mmmmm.... What I meant to say was... HOOLEY DOOLEY that little chickie hsa her mama's scrappin' genes! LOL ;)