Some Scraps...

It's a wonderful week - why I hear you ask? Because Ma and Pa are here visiting. It's always sooo good to have family around isn't it?! And to add to the excitement, Aunty Nellie and Aunty Wil (no, not a lesbian couple, just Miss M's way of saying Uncle Wil -LOL!) also did the mad dash north for the weekend. So Miss Moo and Toby have had such a great time with all the rellies around. And I've managed to get these two done for Miss M's album.

How is life in your part of the global village? Hope it's lovely. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. I love the icecream shot Donna - that's a beautiful layout.

    Yona xx

  2. Love the work D, see some Jen doodles there, have some that I should be using too.


  3. Great layouts, Don!!
    I love those doodles, too!

    I've given you an award...Check my blog for details!

    Chelle Xx

    P.S - Has that little CJ arrived home yet??