There's only one thing good about going to work... Coming home.

Just had to snap a pic of Mr T wearing his favourite shoes - Miss Moo's Dora the Explorer sandals complete with large flower on the side. Every morning when I get him dressed he points to them and says "Gng!" with gusto , meaning "I want to wear those please!" So I put them on, and off he toddles, feeling like a million bucks I'm sure!

Got some lovely new hand made paper from Em in the mail on Friday, and a littel RAK off a friend, so will try and create this week, although have the dreaded lurgey and am feeling yuk - so we'll see. Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. omg donna he is adoreable...gotta love it..hey its the new black ,right ..
    cant wait to see some new work..im lacking mojo..so im on the inspiration hunt

  2. oh and take care of your self...hugs and love

  3. he is way to precious.... something for the 18th birthday party photo board no doubt. Hope you are feeling better soon. and what a good sister for sharing her speshial dora shoes

  4. Love the Shoes Donna.

    Zacman is exactly the same, his FAVOURITE pair are pink, blue and white and if he's not wearing them he's trying to wear anything else of Charlottes.