My Last Day!

Well - I've decided not to continue with the 365 day portrait challenge - I've tortured you all enough and don't feel the need to saturate cyberspace with any more photos of me! It was fun though and now I have some groovy pics of me to scrapbook - I may even scrap the whole 31 photos into a book/journal/tin or something! Here are the last two - didn't manage yesterday's. The first one is taken on our front verandah (which I love)...

and the second is of course blowing a kiss goodbye! Although it's a bit dark - I do love the fact that you can just see Millie in the background - she's over in my newly blossoming flower garden pulling all the flowers "Butters" of their plants! She came in the door with the first petunia flower for me - do you laugh or cry?! As I mentioned in a previos post - I'm hoping that this will give me more time to scrap - and therefore have more to show here - so please keep checking in on me! Thanks for visiting and I hope life is lovely on your side of the world, luv Me MWAH!!!


Days 28 and 29

Here are my photos for the portrait challenge for yesterday and today - sorry I missed yesterday! Taken with my two little angels, the second is to show our friends in Switzerland the lovely T-shirt which now fits Moo and was a gift from them when she was born. It's so nice to be able to bring out new things all the time - thanks Cristina and Phillip! May finish off a cj today, although am stealing moments to power read HP (which for me is still quite slow). However, I do want it to snail mail tomorrow and also have something to post tonight of the scrap kind. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day. Love Me x


Day 27

Here's today's photo for my 31 day challenge - joined by Millie. I love this one because it shows Millie as she is - always moving, on the go, but with a smile on her dial! Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments. It's nice to be sharing some cyberspace with you! Luv Me x


Fly Be Free! (Remembering Mork)

Just finished this layout tonight - it was a scraplift off Scrapwitch. I've just coined the phrase over at the SM forum - 'Lifting the Lift' a nice easy fun and most important - quick layout to do! It's my first LO about me - which is a bit wierd, but something I'd like to do a bit more of in the future. The essence of this one is - why do I produce such 'safe' and 'tame' art, when I really want to be wild, wacky, unrestrained and free??? Does anyone else out there in art world feel like this? What am I afraid of? Hmmm

All Fixed Up!

OK - so I had a think and fixed up the paint blotch with some twill and flowers - should have known that, stupid me. Scrapper's Golden Rule #1 - when one makes a mistake, hide it with a flower - duh! Anyway - much happier now - what do you think? Love Me x


In the Zone...

Time for nigh-nighs, am nodding off at the computer. This is tomorrow's pic (Thurs) Thanks for stopping by - Luv Me x

The Pitfalls of Scrapping Tired...

Well I decided I wanted to scrap this gorgeous photo for Mac onto a canvas so he could hang it up at work. Off I go - in a blaze of glory. All's going well - coming together nicely. All elements adhered to base page and only one more thing to do - stick to the canvas. Enter Mod Podge, then sticky fingers, then blue paint on fingers (unbeknownst to me) then ...blue streak across page!!!! Oh I can't believe it - turn it into a flourish - pull out, pull out. Too late, yuk!

Better Late...

A bit late - but it's still today! 6 more days to go. Don't ask me about scrapping...


My Very Own Dinosaur...

One of the mums at Playgroup today kindly gave this Dorothy the Dinosaur PJs to Millie. Problem was, she spied them at around 1230 this arvo - and wanted to wear it - and has been wandering around the yard in it. I did however, manage to get her to have a bath without it on - which I think was a great accomplishment on my behalf... Millie REALLY does love Do-Di and I couldn't resist posting these pics because she is just soooo darn cute! As for the little stuffed Do-Di - well that goes everywhere with her now - and if Gypsie happens to run off with it? Well even the neighbors 4 doors down get to hear about it!!!



Having a tired day - Mac left this morning and is away for the whole week - so this is a tired photo - not pretty but hey - that's what this challenge is all about - our everyday selves. But anyway - life isn't just about the smiles is it! It's all good though - if being tired is as bad as it gets, then I'm blessed - Toby is an angel sent from heaven and Millie is great fun with all her quirky faces and discoveries. I'm still waiting for my HP to be delivered and if anyone finds my mojo, can they please direct it back to me...

Millie's First Photo

Looksie here everyone, Millie's first photo! As you can see - I did have to hold the lense up for her as it was too heavy for her to aim and press the button , but she did press the button all on her own! And, a few new digi flourishes I was having a play with and of course - the revised watermark - which I think I'll stick with! So much for scrapping last night - Millie woke up - I laid down with her - and that was it for me - lights out! Tiddlypeep says she has 4 journals coming my way - so there'll be scrapping galore just around the corner. But tonight my target is-one layout and at least one EF card - lets see how I do!


Memory Lane...

Ok - so this is pretty slack of me to be doing this - but I really want to get scrapping tonight so thought I'd post a glamour shot of my wedding day (he he) - a little trip down memory lane!


Tiny Toes


Photos for Sat and Sun

This first one was takenthismorning - it was freeeeezing outside! But had to utilise having another bod around to take the happy snap - which is a darn sight better than having your forearm in every shot - as happens when you take your own! Next one, more props - Millie's Princess Crown - it's now in about 10 pieces as she was 'playing' with it shortly afterwards...


Looking for a Mark...

Well, I've apent about 2 hours - on and off working out a watermark/signature to go on the photos I post on the web - an added bit of security. I finally settled on this - asked Mac what he thought and he hated it - saying it was too busy - yuck yuck etc etc. Granted, he doesn't have a creative bone in his body - but I then felt nervous about it and began to doubt if it was ok. So - I need some feedback please! I want it to reflect my style and personality - for it to be readable, a bit hip and funky but with a sense of class as well. Hmmmm???


That's What I Call Living!

OK - so what do you think of this header? My hubby took this photo - won't tell you where though - but just imajine walking out your front door each morning to this beautiful vista... Hop in the boat - go for a wander - drop a line in and catch some Barra for breaky...or lunch... or whatever.Probably not where you'd want to be in a Tsunami though! I'm on the eternal hunt for a header that really works - what do you think of this one???
Ok - last of the wand shots. That circle in the wand just begs to be stared through - I think I play with it more than Millie! Have a new link to a friend's site - 'Tiddlypeep' - check out her blog, she's an awesome scrapper - but an artist in her own right. It's so nice to be surrounded by inspiring and talented people - I'm hoping some of it will rub off on me!

Very hard to find time to scrap these days. When Millie's asleep, I just want to spend quality time with Toby! And now they're both asleep, I just want to sleep as well! Anyway - a cj arrived in the mail today, so will at least have something to upload for you soon. Have a great day! Love Me x ps - am I suffering from an overuse of the exclamation mark?!


Day 20

OK - only one more wand piccy to go and then I'll attempt to regain variety inmy pics. I've decided not to do the whole 365 day challenge - sorry Pip! But my time is so limited having two littlies, that I think my personal priority is scrapping - which I'm just not getting enough done. I need to spend less time on the 'puter, and more time in the scrap room! But I will check in on all the others to see how they're going. Thanks for stopping by, love Me x


Day 19 Photo

I love this little wand. Kaz and the kids got it for Millie on their trip to New Zealand at a little country fair. I play with it more than she does... I'm supposed to be scrapping - but I get to this time of the day and am just sooooo tired (yawn). Must...scrap...must...find...energy...
goodnight...x me


Day 18 and a Recipe Card

Noticing a theme for this weeks portrait challenge? It's such a pretty wand, I had to do a whole photo shoot - watch this space. And here's another example of the Rice Salad recipe for the 6x6 swap. Looking forward to getting all the different ones back, but won't be putting my hand up again for another one - I really need to get some serious scrapping done - of the kids, of Mac, me - and our lives atm. Good night all - thanksfor stopping by - I hope you enjoy your time here! Leave me a comment if you like, Luv Me x

With My Hero

Snapped this pic this morning just after Moo had woken up - I just love the bed hair and sleepy smile! Mac is off for the week, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll get some more layouts done for the kids' albums - that is, before the next journal arrives! Isn't she soooo cute! Love Me x


Day 17 Photo Challenge

Ok - so you may have noticed I'm posting my photos a day early - and that's because morning's with a 19 m/o and a 3 m/o are crazy! I usually don't even get to turn the 'puter on until midday and that's a bit late - so my chance to have USCT (Uninterrupted Sustained Computer Time) is usually of an evening - so the piccie goes up then. Pip told me to raid Millie's dress-up box , and this is the result, her magic wand. And for those of you who don't know me - I don't have a glass eye...

A little bit of scrappin'

Well folks, I'm only posting these because I PROMISED that I would have something to show this weekend! I'm not 100% happy with it - and I've got 9 more to go, so hopefully they'll get better - but desperately wanted to have some piccies up before the day closed. This one's for another recipe swap with the SM forum gals - a family fave - Brown Rice Salad. Sounds boring doesn't it? But I'm constantly copying this one out for people - it's a winner! Ma cis away this week - I almost want to say Yippee - I may get a bit more scrapping done! So hopefully a better week this week. Thanks for looking - Me x (Hi Mum!)


Day 16 - Sunday the 15th July

It's been quite chilly here lately - actually the whole of Qld is a bit the same way. 3 degrees the last few nights, and only making it to approx 19 degrees in the day! The Uggies are getting a good work out - and the Milo tin is getting a bit of a hammering too just quietly... Thank god it's only short-lived! I love the contrast with the grasses behind in this 'squinty pic' - god only knows how I'm gonna keep this up - stay tuned! Scrapping posts later on today - PROMISE!

Friday the 13th...

Realised I forgot to put one up for Friday - so this will do...


I don't even know what day it is today - they all seem to meld into the next! Anyway - bright cold, and sunny morning. Have a great weekend everyone - and I'll try VERY HARD to get some scrapping posted this weekend as well! Thanks for stopping by, Me x


Day 13 Photo Challenge

This is me with Jubilee - Millie's first Teddy. I found him in a gorgeous teddy shop in Canberra - hi to any Canberrans stopping by!!! Mac thought it was a stupid name , but I love it because it reminds me of how I felt having our first bub - jubilation! The reason for taking a photo with Jubilee? Gypsie our Jug puppy decided to run through the house with him, I resued him from a fate worse than death (dog slobber) and decided he'd be my next prop. Hoping to finish the next lot of recipe cards today... Oh and btw - Scrapwitch has joined in the 'Photo Phun' so click on her link and check them out too. Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x

Spring 24/7

When you know what you want to do - it just comes together so easily. I just finished this one for Toby's first year album. 7 Gypsie's paper for those who are interested...

Day 12 and some EF Cards

This is a pretty silly picture of me - granted, but it's getting harder to keep them rolling! Anyway - it's still aportrait I suppose! The painting is one of my favourties and is an original Arthur Hamblin, for those o fyou who know Aussie artists. There's actually a song "Characters of the Outback" by Ted Eagan featuring "Galloping Jack" in one of the verses - it talks about how he was being chased by a bull on the Jim Jim track. He was so scared that when he jumped for the branch he missed, but caught it on the way down!" And these are a few of my cards I've made for the Emily Falconbridge 52 week card challenge. When I get the chance, I'll put the whole lot together on a slide show. I'm a few behind atm, about 5 or 6. And since one of the main reasons I started this blog was to get some of my scrapping 'out there' I thought I'd better do just that!

This one: What or Who Inspires Me - front and back

This weeks prompt was "Nature" - a little painting inspired by the view from my kitchen window.
What's on My Mind...

And of course - for Valentine's Day, Love...


Day 11 Portrait Challenge

This isn't much of a challenge really - who am I kidding? I'm semi-struggling to get these in each day for the month - wow to those of you doing it for a whole year! I'd love to see what else Pip pulls out of the dress-up box. Pirate hats -tick! Wig - tick! Maids costume??? :) Perhaps on day 365... Anyway - just getting down and dirty with my floor and seeing what the view is like when Millie eats off it...


July 10th

Here's some pic's of our dear friends from Broome; Michelle and Logan who came to visit on Sunday and left today. There was non-stop talk and they will be sorely missed - thanks for brightening up my week you guys!

Day ten of the portrait challenge - and this one was taken today using the timer. Sorry Michelle, Logan and Millie whom I cut out!

Sunday the...

This is for yesterday - I had visitors so was a bit slack in getting it loaded - and will post my 'today one' later... :)