Photos for Sat and Sun

This first one was takenthismorning - it was freeeeezing outside! But had to utilise having another bod around to take the happy snap - which is a darn sight better than having your forearm in every shot - as happens when you take your own! Next one, more props - Millie's Princess Crown - it's now in about 10 pieces as she was 'playing' with it shortly afterwards...


  1. More lovely pics for us to enjoy. I have changed my mind about the Caps on the Watermark. I think it is very classy and the signature is quite modern.

  2. i too love your watermark -- and you are a very brave girl for getting outside in those kinda temps - we even have the heater on here this morn - too cold -- fingers are getting numb while scrapping and typing - i think i will have to go get some gloves to work in... now that could be a photo opportunity..lol..have a great day ..

  3. love these piccys..glad to see your pics still happening..doesnt have to every day..your a gorgeous princess