Day 20

OK - only one more wand piccy to go and then I'll attempt to regain variety inmy pics. I've decided not to do the whole 365 day challenge - sorry Pip! But my time is so limited having two littlies, that I think my personal priority is scrapping - which I'm just not getting enough done. I need to spend less time on the 'puter, and more time in the scrap room! But I will check in on all the others to see how they're going. Thanks for stopping by, love Me x


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  2. oh boo hoo donna ..thats a bit sad...but yes 2 littlies take up so much time and scrapping doesnt get done at the computer...how about a 52 week photo challenge...every sunday?????

    July 18, 2007 11:39 PM

  3. oh that is a cheeky little photo of you -- now did you make that for miss moo or did u buy your very trendy wand? -- too cute -- you will just have to go scrap that- thanks for popping over on my blog - lovin it all --