Looking for a Mark...

Well, I've apent about 2 hours - on and off working out a watermark/signature to go on the photos I post on the web - an added bit of security. I finally settled on this - asked Mac what he thought and he hated it - saying it was too busy - yuck yuck etc etc. Granted, he doesn't have a creative bone in his body - but I then felt nervous about it and began to doubt if it was ok. So - I need some feedback please! I want it to reflect my style and personality - for it to be readable, a bit hip and funky but with a sense of class as well. Hmmmm???


  1. Donna I just love the colour and the shape of your watermark. What a great idea. Maybe I would prefer Capital D and J but it looks super.

  2. dont listen to mack i love the watermark...but i want one too....how do i get one