My Last Day!

Well - I've decided not to continue with the 365 day portrait challenge - I've tortured you all enough and don't feel the need to saturate cyberspace with any more photos of me! It was fun though and now I have some groovy pics of me to scrapbook - I may even scrap the whole 31 photos into a book/journal/tin or something! Here are the last two - didn't manage yesterday's. The first one is taken on our front verandah (which I love)...

and the second is of course blowing a kiss goodbye! Although it's a bit dark - I do love the fact that you can just see Millie in the background - she's over in my newly blossoming flower garden pulling all the flowers "Butters" of their plants! She came in the door with the first petunia flower for me - do you laugh or cry?! As I mentioned in a previos post - I'm hoping that this will give me more time to scrap - and therefore have more to show here - so please keep checking in on me! Thanks for visiting and I hope life is lovely on your side of the world, luv Me MWAH!!!


  1. love that verandah pic donna..could you email it to me to scrap ???

    i'll be sad now ..but happy that you are doing for you...your still my scrapping inspiration and i so will be back daily

  2. I have loved your pics Donna...I especially LOVE the verandah pic..gorgeous!!!

  3. you are so gorgeous - blowing me a kiss and all -- mwahhhh right back at ya ....