The Pitfalls of Scrapping Tired...

Well I decided I wanted to scrap this gorgeous photo for Mac onto a canvas so he could hang it up at work. Off I go - in a blaze of glory. All's going well - coming together nicely. All elements adhered to base page and only one more thing to do - stick to the canvas. Enter Mod Podge, then sticky fingers, then blue paint on fingers (unbeknownst to me) then ...blue streak across page!!!! Oh I can't believe it - turn it into a flourish - pull out, pull out. Too late, yuk!


  1. I have yet to try scrapping on a canvas!! I will ahve to try that soon!

  2. wow you need to not worry so much bout little things like that -- everything is fixable - and that doesn't look too bad - i bet he will love it -- cause it came from you ....

  3. Oh no! I would have panicked and probably started to cry. LOL! I think what you did to fix it looks great though.:)