Millie's First Photo

Looksie here everyone, Millie's first photo! As you can see - I did have to hold the lense up for her as it was too heavy for her to aim and press the button , but she did press the button all on her own! And, a few new digi flourishes I was having a play with and of course - the revised watermark - which I think I'll stick with! So much for scrapping last night - Millie woke up - I laid down with her - and that was it for me - lights out! Tiddlypeep says she has 4 journals coming my way - so there'll be scrapping galore just around the corner. But tonight my target is-one layout and at least one EF card - lets see how I do!


  1. can you believe someone spams on your blog...damn that..i love that fun fresh pic...great to see your daily pics... want to play with that program too

  2. oh and great job with your first pic milly