OK - I saw Pip's groovy wig this morning, so upon glancing around the room, I spotted Millie's groovy glasses and decided upon these for a little something different. Still not finished my latest craft project - I just wish for a whole day to scrap with no interruptions - I think that's a way off yet - but after falling asleep at the kitchen table last night (true story) I eventually walked myself off to bed - with said project STILL unfinished. So - hopefully tonight? But we have a heap of house cleaning to do as our dear friends Michelle and Logan are coming tomorrow to visit all the way from sunny Broome. Nothing like a visitor to get the house spick and span! Maybe they'll agree to a photo shoot for Monday's portrait. OK - bye for now and thanks for stopping by to take a peek! Me x


  1. I love this photo Donna, these blue glasses look very cool and you are clever at editing. So pleased that you are managing to keep up with your daily photos.