Day 12 and some EF Cards

This is a pretty silly picture of me - granted, but it's getting harder to keep them rolling! Anyway - it's still aportrait I suppose! The painting is one of my favourties and is an original Arthur Hamblin, for those o fyou who know Aussie artists. There's actually a song "Characters of the Outback" by Ted Eagan featuring "Galloping Jack" in one of the verses - it talks about how he was being chased by a bull on the Jim Jim track. He was so scared that when he jumped for the branch he missed, but caught it on the way down!" And these are a few of my cards I've made for the Emily Falconbridge 52 week card challenge. When I get the chance, I'll put the whole lot together on a slide show. I'm a few behind atm, about 5 or 6. And since one of the main reasons I started this blog was to get some of my scrapping 'out there' I thought I'd better do just that!

This one: What or Who Inspires Me - front and back

This weeks prompt was "Nature" - a little painting inspired by the view from my kitchen window.
What's on My Mind...

And of course - for Valentine's Day, Love...


  1. love that quirky pic donna..and your cards are beautiful..you really should be painting yourself on large canvases...your art is wonderful.

  2. Your cards are fantastic.
    Love your gorgeous work, do you do larger paintings.

    Use to paint, but now I just can't find the time for it.

    Take care.