OK - back to being make-up free... It's a sunglasses kind of morning - Millie went to bed VERY LATE and woke up VERY EARLY... And there was feeding Toby in between. One can't blame me for not smiling!!!
We just had one of those lovely impromptu happenings - I was putting the rubbish out on the verge and the lady across the road asked if Millie would like a ride on her pony. It's 23 years old and it's the first time Moo's ever sat on one - and I didn't have my camera! But she LOVED it!

Will hopefully have photos of my latest crafty concoction later on this afternoon (Millie found them this morning and was decorating some with my brown ink - after me staying up even later than Millie to finish them...grrr)
None-the-less, I hope you have a great day - Mine's picking up already - the sun is shining and there's always a coffee to help things along! Ooroo!

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  1. how cool are you babe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    soooooooooooo cool
    loving this new challenge