And one more...

I had my gorgeous nieces over today so had time to finish off one more...
Introducing Ruby...
Stamped around her dress are the words:
She Was Waiting...
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Needing a Name...

Here she is, Miss Number five! I really love this one! I now look at these lovely faeries and ladies and think that they definitely all need names. I know exactly when I've finished them - when they start to look at me like they're alive, then I know - it's time to stop!
They have all developed their own personalities and natures along the way- which is such a wonderful surprise for me. I never expected to feel connected to anything that I made, so this is turning out to be such a lovely ride.
What name do you think this wee faerie deserves?
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She Grew Wings...

"Oh mum! You gave the fairy wings!"

What do you think of my fairy?

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In Her World...

This is last night's effort (I scrap over at Mel's house with a few other girls on a wed night). I just love this photo. Hope you're week has been kind to you.
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Isn't she beautiful! My little vintage girl. So happy with how these pics turned out - think I'll have to scrap these ones!

Another Two!

I can hardly believe it! I've finished another two pieces and I really love them! I think their faces are heaps better than the first chickybabe too. The colours turned out so rich and I'm loving working with texture and mixed media. I just love the doing - the making, the experimenting, the getting-my-hands-dirty part. Rubbing in and smearing pastels, seeing how the paints mix on the canvas. Mmm - it really is relaxing and therapeutic.
I've totally freed myself up to make mistakes "so what - if it looks horrible I'll put it in the bin and start again!" And it seems, for me at least, that enjoying the process of creating really is doing me the world of good. When I get so concerned with the end product - it just never works out. What do you think?
X Me


A Sneak Peek...

As I mentioned last week (re: my first finished piece of hang-on-the-wall-type-art) I would be venturing forth into the world of creating with no attention at all to the outcome, but simply enjoying the process. Well, I have been doing just that. I'm currently working on five pieces, three on wood, and two on canvas and they are about 80% complete. I just thought you might like to have a sneak peek into my latest and greatest!...
Waiting mainly on the oil paint to dry before finishing them off - sooooo, will probably have them finished in about three days! Call back in to see them soon!
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My Creative Space...

It's not exactly a studio, and it's not a scrap room either. It's my half of the study which I share with my DH. I'd love to have a studio to stretch out in, but then again, I suppose it's better than having to space at all.
Today I made the curtains to go around the table - they cover a multitude of sins. And the paint pot tins hanging up were from Spotlight the other day - so good to see all my colours now instead of rumaging through my old tool box for a long lost tube of colour! I finally managed to drill the holes for the pin up board and pictures (it only took 9 months lol) and the desk actually got a wipe over today! And, you can see a few more pieces of art in the making on my desk, so watch this space - they should be ready in a bout a week or so. What does your creative space look like? Leave a link in the comments if you want!
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Words of Wisdom

"You will learn to enjoy the process... and to surrender your need to control the result. You will disover the joy of practising your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus."
Julia Cameron



A few more scraps from my table... Just trying to use up some of my stash - actually am getting towards the dregs of my papers- yay! That only means I can buy more !! (hehehe that's for you mum)
X Me



Finally!!! My first ever painting/mixed collage piece and it's finished. And guess what? For a first piece, I actually like it! I have a way to go in working out how to blend skin tones, but it was my first ever use of oil paints and I'm just stoked with the end result.

She is 12x 12 inches. I used Oil and acrylic paints, patterned papers, texture paste, bubble wrap, stamps, pencil, pastels and gel pen. It was alot of fun to do! I've always held true to the belife that life is about the journey and not the destination. I think I manage to achieve that in my daily life, however when it comes to the creative side of things, I'm realising now how my fear of not being 'good enough' really keeps me back. So I'm actually the polar opposite - product oriented, not process. But that's not how I want to be because I can see how much it hinders the creative spirit! Sooooooooo...

I kept that in mind the whole time I was doing this piece and just enjoyed the process so much and didn't even care if the end result looked great or not. And surprise - I actually do! Therein lies the secret - don't you think?

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He Eats His Vegies

Kona, Hawaii. 2.4 mile ocean swim. 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon chaser just for good fun... Can you imagine it? I mean most people can't imagine the pain of a marathon alone - without the added extras. But my bro is a champion. he finished the ironman in Hawaii on sunday. Not only that, he came fourth in his age group (mum tells me if he was a month older and in the next age group he would have won it) and 52nd overall. That is, 52nd out of over 1800 competitors. And that is hot on the heels of having three months with no running at all because of fractured bones in his feet!
But wait, that's not all.! Aparently with still around 75 km's left of his ride, his gears broke, and he rode those 75 km's hunched over holding them together... The guy who got third place was only 22 seconds ahead of him - so it's likely a 3rd or even 2nd place would have been likely. BUT - that doesn't really matter does it - I mean I think he's a legend. So Brad - on behalf of me and the mob, a HUGE congrats to you big bro. Leave him some love if you like! Seeya! X Me
ps: these pics were taken at the Busselton Ironman - the qualifier.

A Few Newies...

Here's a few I finished off last night... Not very impressed with my BRAND NEW fiskars trimmer - it makes all the edges distressed - which is fine if you want them that way - but not when you're looking for a nice clean cut. Grrr! Thanks for stopping by, CU tomorrow perhaps?! X Me
ps: I wrote that poem in year 8!


Behaviour to be Encouraged...

Why haven't I allowed this earlier? Miss M did all the dishes today. She had such a fun time doing it. Toby spent the whole time squeezing the water onto the floor and down the cupboards but they were well and truly ready for a good ole clean anyway - as was the floor! There is nothing more satisfying when you're a child than to lick the beater and spoon! What a crack up!

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Nana and Pop

Well after two and a half weeks of being spoilt rotten having Nana and Pop here we had to say goodbye this week. Miss M has been feeling their absence each night and so have Toby and I. Hope you both feel loved to pieces! Here's a couple more from the Octoberfest Class...

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Octoberfest Continued and Some Household Love

These are two of the recent layouts I've completed in Jen Hall's class. It's nice to see how other people operate, and then put your own signature to it. But most of all, I'm enjoying getting a layout done every day - aaaahhh the feeling of being productive!
These two photos - what can I say? My gorgeous little man in Miss M's pink tutu! He loved it - and carried on as boisterously as usual!

And these last three photos are one's that warm my heart. Little bits of love left around the place by Miss M. Flowers to brighten up her bike, and some gorgeous little love hearts left in just the right places. This is what puts a smile on my face and makes my heart so light! What's making you smile today?
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Life's Good - Day 6 with Jen H

Hmmm I didn't print out the pics the size Jen suggested, so the layout is a bit different to Jen's. I don't think it's balanced too well, but I do love the doodle sheets - care of Ms Hall creations, thanks Jen!


Week 5 Scrapaway Challenge...

When I found this quote I just had to use it for this layout. The theme was sisters and the quote reads...

"I'm smiling because you're my sister, I'm laughing because there's nothing you can do about it"

If that was Miss C saying those words (the eldest) then I know it would be followed by a wicked he he heheheh! They have such a great sense of humor both individually and collectively, that I knew they'd appreciate the words!

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