A Scarf, A Belly Button Smile and a Paper House...

I attended my first ever felting workshop on Monday night - and I absolutely loved it! What a therapeutic (sp?) way to spend your time! Running my hands over the wet, warm, soapy, smooshy, slushy surface was absolutel heaven! And what's more, I actually came home with a scarf - completed! Now it does look a bit like a dog's breakfast - a bit ad-hoc if you will, but it's my first attempt (and someone else got the warm red too...) and I like it. I've just got to buy some nice beads and put them on the dready ends. It reminds me of my future hairstyle...

Today we did potato printing which was a blast from the very very distant past... Had some potatoes left over from the activitiy I did at school so brought them home for the kidlets and they had a ball. Not to mention that it soon became an off-the-page project and the happy face was quickly stamped over the belly button - of course!

And a little time on the rug drawing - oh to be three...

And here's the layout I finished for Chellejamo's circle journal (corrugated card) themed "What's Your Favourite Song - Right Here, Right Now"
I looked through all the previous entries and had absolutely no clue who the artists were, or the songs - sad I know... So I had to turn to the most obvious choice - what I have to listen to in the car each and every day. None other than, Jay Lagaia - Welcome To My Home!

That's all for today - two posts in one day - I'd better sit down for a little while, I'm scaring myself!
Thanks for stopping by, X Me

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  1. love, love love love this piece Donna!