Finally!!! My first ever painting/mixed collage piece and it's finished. And guess what? For a first piece, I actually like it! I have a way to go in working out how to blend skin tones, but it was my first ever use of oil paints and I'm just stoked with the end result.

She is 12x 12 inches. I used Oil and acrylic paints, patterned papers, texture paste, bubble wrap, stamps, pencil, pastels and gel pen. It was alot of fun to do! I've always held true to the belife that life is about the journey and not the destination. I think I manage to achieve that in my daily life, however when it comes to the creative side of things, I'm realising now how my fear of not being 'good enough' really keeps me back. So I'm actually the polar opposite - product oriented, not process. But that's not how I want to be because I can see how much it hinders the creative spirit! Sooooooooo...

I kept that in mind the whole time I was doing this piece and just enjoyed the process so much and didn't even care if the end result looked great or not. And surprise - I actually do! Therein lies the secret - don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by. X Me


  1. Love the picture. I'd hang it up -noworries. We both loved it. Clever Girl. You should be proud of yourself.

  2. Oh my GOD! Donna your painting is absolutely gorgeous! A fantastic job for your first creative piece, your use of mix media - simply delightful. Wishing you much success as you embark on this new expressive adventure. Take care. LZoe from Longreach.

  3. Donna - that is just absolutely awesome (words from Liz there!). That is sooooo beautiful - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE will you make one that I can buy from you??!!!! I can just see something like that hanging on my wall... you clever, clever thing!!!! Sigh, wish I had even a fingernail worth of your creative genius.
    Yona xx

  4. FAB-O DONNA!!! having fun chatting with you {wink}