I Did It!

I've enrolled in my Graphic Art and Design course (and desk-top publishing) - it's all paid for now and I'm just awaiting the first lot of materials to be delivered in the post - hopefully tomorrow! I'm so excited that I actually feel like a little kid again waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas eve!

I've been annoying everyone here trying to think up a business name for my own freelance Graphic art business that I'm going to have (in about 5 years time). There's been plenty of suggestions - but none have quite nailed it for me yet . And as you can see, it's absolutely urgent that I have it right now!!! So if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share:) I know it's crazy, but I almost feel as though having the name is like having the hat stand to hang your hat on - it's like the foundation to build the business on... Maybe my niece is right - perhaps I am a looney!

Anyway, here's a few photos of the ankle biters taken in the last week. Thanks for stopping by my piece of cyber space. Leave a message - I love to hear from you - especially if you've 'stumbled' across this blog! By! Luv Me x



Here are a few pics taken lately of the kidlets and also some that didn't quite make the scrutiny of my SIL for the 'Circle' theme over at Gallery 12. See what you reckon!

It's very hard to get Miss Moo both looking directly at the camera, and smiling, so I especially love these of her. Mr Happy Jack is really going greeat-guns in the walking department - he took 23 steps yesterday, and today, was walking, stopping to regain balance and then taking a few more steps and so on. Wish it wasn't this earlythough - my baby boy is growing up!

Anyway, hope you're having a great week, with much love and laughter. We had glorious rain this week - a rare sight indeed and oh so good for the soul. Thanks for stopping by, x Me.


I'm Still Alive

Hi ! Just a quick note to fill you in on the latest in the Jensen's building project! We are still all here living with the Hosking's who have so generously provided us refuge whilst our house undergoes some serious reno's. I didn't anticipate things like the floor sanding and painting to be happening this soon - and the re-gyprocking of a room - all of which make alot of mess and fumes! So it's a good thing it's all happening now - with no furniture and time to be aired out. The driveway was ripped out too - and the concrete is being poured today - in a very noice terracotta colour which looks great. The painter will be weaving his magic on sunday with a lovely and very un-exciting Dulux USA White throughout to try and give the illusion of grandeur in a 3 and 1...

Then there's projects like re-cladding, re-roofing, re-stumping, gutting the bathroom and kitchen, decking and a front wall, just to mention a few... Watch this space - I'll try and get some pics up tonight of the raw product so you can all see the progress. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are happy and loving your life, x Me