Here are a few pics taken lately of the kidlets and also some that didn't quite make the scrutiny of my SIL for the 'Circle' theme over at Gallery 12. See what you reckon!

It's very hard to get Miss Moo both looking directly at the camera, and smiling, so I especially love these of her. Mr Happy Jack is really going greeat-guns in the walking department - he took 23 steps yesterday, and today, was walking, stopping to regain balance and then taking a few more steps and so on. Wish it wasn't this earlythough - my baby boy is growing up!

Anyway, hope you're having a great week, with much love and laughter. We had glorious rain this week - a rare sight indeed and oh so good for the soul. Thanks for stopping by, x Me.


  1. wow,those circle shots are awesome Don.I LOVE EM...,and those kidlets are getting cuter everyday,fab scrapping material there!
    hope your settling in well and those scrap supplies get a work out really sooon

  2. ooohh we miss you -- can't wait for you to be in your new place...glad to see the peeps smiling -- and look at your little big boy - oh my gosh -truly not a babe anymore -- bit sad really .... and miss moo -- cheeky chops she is - lol - glad to hear all is well

  3. just stopping by to say g'day Don and what gorgeous shots of Millie and Toby there! Specially that smiley pic of Millie - I so know what you mean. talk to you soon hey, missing you lots round these parts
    K xo