I'm Still Alive

Hi ! Just a quick note to fill you in on the latest in the Jensen's building project! We are still all here living with the Hosking's who have so generously provided us refuge whilst our house undergoes some serious reno's. I didn't anticipate things like the floor sanding and painting to be happening this soon - and the re-gyprocking of a room - all of which make alot of mess and fumes! So it's a good thing it's all happening now - with no furniture and time to be aired out. The driveway was ripped out too - and the concrete is being poured today - in a very noice terracotta colour which looks great. The painter will be weaving his magic on sunday with a lovely and very un-exciting Dulux USA White throughout to try and give the illusion of grandeur in a 3 and 1...

Then there's projects like re-cladding, re-roofing, re-stumping, gutting the bathroom and kitchen, decking and a front wall, just to mention a few... Watch this space - I'll try and get some pics up tonight of the raw product so you can all see the progress. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are happy and loving your life, x Me


  1. Thanks Donna for asking me to be apart of gallery 12 its awesome!!

    WoW the reno's sound great too.


  2. damn donna ,how long is that going to take ?
    i hope its a lightning job and your lil family are settled in asap..oh as you can see i posted in the day above before reading this post ..doh!
    as bin said,the gallery is AWESOME ...