I Did It!

I've enrolled in my Graphic Art and Design course (and desk-top publishing) - it's all paid for now and I'm just awaiting the first lot of materials to be delivered in the post - hopefully tomorrow! I'm so excited that I actually feel like a little kid again waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas eve!

I've been annoying everyone here trying to think up a business name for my own freelance Graphic art business that I'm going to have (in about 5 years time). There's been plenty of suggestions - but none have quite nailed it for me yet . And as you can see, it's absolutely urgent that I have it right now!!! So if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share:) I know it's crazy, but I almost feel as though having the name is like having the hat stand to hang your hat on - it's like the foundation to build the business on... Maybe my niece is right - perhaps I am a looney!

Anyway, here's a few photos of the ankle biters taken in the last week. Thanks for stopping by my piece of cyber space. Leave a message - I love to hear from you - especially if you've 'stumbled' across this blog! By! Luv Me x


  1. congrats on your enrolment..we cant wait to see what you come up with !
    love that pic of you and toby

  2. well done! - you will do so well at this your art so rocks... and i think i might have to be your number one fan ... enjoy yourself...oh how much has that little boy grown.. but its noice to see he still has that beautiful smile, and isn't little miss M just becoming so little miss.. too cute... hope you are enjoying your new home and all the reno's ...catch ya

  3. Awesome hun - so happy for you enroling in your class!! You will do a fabulus job with it all :)


  4. Congrats - I enrolled in school this year too and it has been wonderful. Good Luck! I love the photos on your blog!

  5. Wooooo Hooooo...go girl! You will rock the graphic design world I'm sure of it!



  6. Hi Donna. My name is Emilie. Someone from the SM forum told me about you! I am moving to Broome and am desperate to know if there are some girls there I can meet up and scrap with. My emial is emilie.robinson@yahoo.com.au. I would really appreciate if you could pass on any info from when u were there. Ta

  7. congrat on going to school!I love that 2nd pic!

  8. Hi Donna
    Great to meet you today. Welcome to Geraldton. Fabulous blog... Fabulous work. Love it!
    See you around.