A Bountiful Harvest

It's not scrapping, or painting or updating the munchkins, but don't you think pictures of a homegrown harvest are oh so blog-worthy?! Look at these yummilicious eggplants - devine colour. Fresh tomatoes, capsicum and eggs. Does anyone have a good Kasundi recipe???

And as usual, there's always a train involved...
Thanks for stopping by, X Me


Rubbericus Thongonii

Hey folks. Just thought I'd share with you an extremely rare find I made during the week. It's the only living species known to man of the Rubbericus thongonii. I can't divulge information pertaining to its location or that would probably be the end of it - every man and his dog would be traipsing there I s'pose. So just for you, I thought I'd show you these photos taken of the plant in full bloom - what a sight! It has multiple blooms of these wonderfully colourful rubber thongs - some are even double-pluggers making this all the more amazing.
Here are a couple of close ups for you to show some detail of the plant...

And a couple more to leave you with. My sleeping beauty - always has a train in his hand - stock standard attire for little boys...

And this is why I love being here. Cousins. Enjoying each others company, peacefully creating and playing. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


The Beckoning of Lovely...

Thanks to Swirly Girl, I stumbled across this very wonderful YouTube video. It seems I am managing to find quite a few of these types of people. People who are spreading the love. Being positive and kind and caring in everyday life. It certainly renews your faith in the human race when you read about people out there doing random acts of kindness, and just simply good things for others; because everyone deserves a little bit of kindness, don't you agree? Watch the video. An example of how one ordinary person can make a big difference to so many...


The Lingering Scent of Christmas...

Hello blog readers - this entry is on eof those - family-catch-up ones, soooo, sorry if your're popping in to have a sneak peek at some crafty arty loveliness, because there isn't any today. Soon...
I know these are very late in coming - and the jolly season has well and truly gone, the lights have been packed away and the smells of prawns on the barby are a mere memory drooling down our chins, BUT, I thought you still may be interested in seeing how the peeps' day went...
This is what Father Christmas brought Miss M and HJ. And they were very excited to say the least. They beg me daily to push them on the swings - what little kid doesn't love that feeling eh!
And here's the Mumma in all her morning glory sporting a nifty little spotty - stripey - pirate kind of look - noice!

Just check out the face on this little guy would you - he just cracks me up!And again! He was so delighted in the see-saw. Pure, unadulterated joy - priceless...
What Christmas is complete without a Thomas the Tank Engine story book?"Thankyou HJ"
"Here you go HJ" Miss M giving her gift to her little brother...
And there yo uhave it folks - just a few little happy snaps of the day. We then went on to spend the rest of the day with the Hosking family which was great - but I just didn't take any more photos!
'Till next time, thanks for stopping by,
X Me.


Long Overdue...

Well, after all this blog did originate as a place to share scraps of my daily life. Sorry - it really has been slim pickings lately - can't be a rennaisance woman even though I've tried! So I set aside my paints and roller for some scrapping last night with the girls, and I was on a mission. My goal was to scrap not caring at all about the end result - just update those albums! And here's the result, 4 layouts and I'm pretty chuffed with that... (and I didn't lift a single layout! - well, not intentionally anyway).

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek. Hope you're week is going nicely.
A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the gorgeous LH.
Hope you had a wonderful, happy day!
X Me


It's soooo difficult to find time to create when you have two little people always jealous of your time. Usually I only get to begin thinking about painting after 8 o'clock at night , and by then my mojo is mush. Not to mention that 2008 has taken it's toll on me creatively...

BUT! I have managed to create a background - last night in fact. This is a big development! It has come to the point where I am stealing moments rather than minutes to add bits and pieces to it. All you out there with time on your hands - love it! You are very lucky! Not to say I would change a thing - my time will come and I LOVE being mummy to these two - but it would be such a treat to have at least 60 minutes of UPT (Uninterrupted Painting Time!)

Well, hopefully in a few days there will be something finished to post. Watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by, X Me



We've had friends come to visit us from Latvia! It was a great 4 days together with meals on the deck in the evenings, lots of conversations where I learnt alot about Latvian culture and history. It was really a great week and I truly enjoyed making new friends - thankyou Moore's for coming all this way to see us!

Ms S (pictured far left) is studying fine art at college in Latvia and managed to churn out a few paintings whilst here. She so kindly allowed me to watch her paint and talked me through her process which was fantastic as I've never had the opportunity to do that before. And, as a parting gift, gave us her Lighthouse painting which will be a treasured piece of art on my wall for many years to come. I really love the painting for a couple of reasons. The Lighthouse is a very well known and loved icon of our town, and also the Lighthouse is such an image of safety and refuge - guiding lost or troubled boats at sea to safer waters. Thankyou S :)
All this talk with Miss S during the past week has made me itching to create and paint - but things are a little , well... Lets just say that in about a week or so I'll feel alot more free and ready to let my creative MOJO fly free. Bear with me - I'll have some art up soon. in the mean time I'll try and keep things ticking over with the odd photo or two.
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X Me


Happy New Year...

May your days ahead be filled
with heart and soul
love and laughter,
health and strength,
passion and courage,
roads less travelled.
Exciting adventures,
lessons learned,
discovery, truth and life.
Surround yourself with people who love
and inspire you.
Enjoy the journey.

"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough"
X Me