Long Overdue...

Well, after all this blog did originate as a place to share scraps of my daily life. Sorry - it really has been slim pickings lately - can't be a rennaisance woman even though I've tried! So I set aside my paints and roller for some scrapping last night with the girls, and I was on a mission. My goal was to scrap not caring at all about the end result - just update those albums! And here's the result, 4 layouts and I'm pretty chuffed with that... (and I didn't lift a single layout! - well, not intentionally anyway).

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek. Hope you're week is going nicely.
A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the gorgeous LH.
Hope you had a wonderful, happy day!
X Me


  1. love them Donna, especially Gifts from the heart.


  2. Love the Free Spirit l/o Don, and the Fairy Bum! She's gonna love you for that in a few year's time (NOT!).
    Great to see you scrappin' again.
    Love, Yona xx

  3. oh good to see you still have your hand in the craft - and mighty fine layouts too.. can't wait to see more don.

    luv me