We've had friends come to visit us from Latvia! It was a great 4 days together with meals on the deck in the evenings, lots of conversations where I learnt alot about Latvian culture and history. It was really a great week and I truly enjoyed making new friends - thankyou Moore's for coming all this way to see us!

Ms S (pictured far left) is studying fine art at college in Latvia and managed to churn out a few paintings whilst here. She so kindly allowed me to watch her paint and talked me through her process which was fantastic as I've never had the opportunity to do that before. And, as a parting gift, gave us her Lighthouse painting which will be a treasured piece of art on my wall for many years to come. I really love the painting for a couple of reasons. The Lighthouse is a very well known and loved icon of our town, and also the Lighthouse is such an image of safety and refuge - guiding lost or troubled boats at sea to safer waters. Thankyou S :)
All this talk with Miss S during the past week has made me itching to create and paint - but things are a little , well... Lets just say that in about a week or so I'll feel alot more free and ready to let my creative MOJO fly free. Bear with me - I'll have some art up soon. in the mean time I'll try and keep things ticking over with the odd photo or two.
Thanks for stopping by,
X Me


  1. Wow, that's so cool Donna. Love the painting! :-)
    Catch up soon....

    Yona xx

  2. you lucky girl!! what a great painting.