Rubbericus Thongonii

Hey folks. Just thought I'd share with you an extremely rare find I made during the week. It's the only living species known to man of the Rubbericus thongonii. I can't divulge information pertaining to its location or that would probably be the end of it - every man and his dog would be traipsing there I s'pose. So just for you, I thought I'd show you these photos taken of the plant in full bloom - what a sight! It has multiple blooms of these wonderfully colourful rubber thongs - some are even double-pluggers making this all the more amazing.
Here are a couple of close ups for you to show some detail of the plant...

And a couple more to leave you with. My sleeping beauty - always has a train in his hand - stock standard attire for little boys...

And this is why I love being here. Cousins. Enjoying each others company, peacefully creating and playing. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. .....and we love you being here, too! xxxx

  2. heheh omg thats a classic

    hope your well sister

  3. I'm with purplewurple! :-)
    Love the pics. Waiting to see the next canvas creations though....
    Yona xx