A Bountiful Harvest

It's not scrapping, or painting or updating the munchkins, but don't you think pictures of a homegrown harvest are oh so blog-worthy?! Look at these yummilicious eggplants - devine colour. Fresh tomatoes, capsicum and eggs. Does anyone have a good Kasundi recipe???

And as usual, there's always a train involved...
Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. lol miss donski - he is the cutest... love the harvest ... you have been a busy girl a planting and tending your garden... take care - be you - enjoy your love of life.... and give me a call.... lol

  2. Ha, Miss B rang me the other day to ask if I'd like an egg fruit from Dad's place. What??!!! Oh, you mean egg plant. Cute hey? You have been a busy little pixie in the garden. The colour certainly is gorgeous. Shame I don't like eating them but!
    Yona xx

  3. love your photos, I took some of my plants last year that I was happy with.

  4. Fabulous pic of the harvest...Yum!!
    How cute is Toby??

    I've left an award for you on my blog! :)

    Chelle Xx