The Mob

On saturday I took a quick trip to Perth to hang out with the Hoodits - they're off on another adventure overseas and it may well be years until next we meet. So it was great to catch up with them and the other mobsters too. On tuesday night, the Lobsterician was in town too so - the stage was set for a ho-down. It was 4 years since last we were all in one place together... Sadly we missed out on Rosie and the girls, but it was o good to see everyone again... The kid-mob on the front lawn of Lala and Pipi's house. Miss M choosing her typical "I don't ever smile in photos" face!
This is Miss M and KM looking very lovely and ethereal in the glow of the afternoon light!

Do these girls ever take a bad photo? Smiley Girl and KM strike a pose...

The Big 5...

Kazzie and Lijie - awww I'm really gonna miss you guys...

Set the timer and this is what you get - the mob - minus the 5 gals from G... Even Mr Happy Jack is smiling in this one - bonus!

The outlaws! Petie, Sonj and Williamo.

And a couple more of us all just to show our good sides...

And had to finish off with this gorgeous boy - such a breath of fresh air he is!
Gorgeous Hoodits - all the best for an exciting new adventure. God bless and may his voice be loud and clear to you all! (Although personally I think I'm getting "Europe")
Thanks for stopping by. Please send me all your creative mojo energy this way - I'm seriously lacking. There are 6 blank canvasses staring at me in my art room and I'm back to the old roadblock of fearing to start! Arrrgh!
X Me

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  1. Gorgeous pics Don. Great for all the family to be together - especially you siblings. :-)

    Come on ... you can do it. I need a piece of Donna H'art on my wall.

    Yona xx