She Cherishes the Moments...

This is another painting I finished last night. As you may have noticed, I've been experimenting with faces, and this one has her eyes closed. This painting is for all you mumma's out there of little people - especially bubbas!
She's tired because she's up feeding through the night, or answering requests for water, or patting a tiny body off to sleep, or ripping spewy sheets off a bed... Are you nodding?! Can you relate?!
The words in the top left hand corner say
"she cherishes the moments in her heart"
because although I've been sleep deprived for a while now ( although that is all changing folks!) I always loved the quiet moments in the middle of the night when I had that precious little one all to myself. I really hope I never forget those times. So... This painting is to hang on my wall and remind me, that I've been the luckiest mumma to have these two little angels!
Yes, she's tired,(perhaps some dark bags under the eyes would be a little more realistic?) and she often makes her way out the door more asleep than awake, but she's happy.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day, x Me.


  1. Your work is so interesting. Your process is very interesting! Thank you for sharing. You inspired my creative juices :)


  2. Love it, and Don...I can totally relate!
    Thanks for sharing her! :)

    Chelle Xx

  3. I really like the movement in the background and expression on her face in this one!