she finds it easy...

Well it's certainly been a full-on week in the Jensen household with the combination of weaning the not-so happy Happy Jack and looking for a place to live. I am happy to report that last night HJ slept through until 7 am (which is the first full night's sleep I've had in 3 1/2 years!), and took only about 10 minutes to drop off tonight. It's night 10, so let's hope within the next couple he stops crying altogether!

And, I've also found us a nice place to live - yay! Only a couple of hundred metres from a beautiful beach, walking distance to shops and schools (Spot Light can you believe it!) and most importantly near our besties the Hoskings). It has a lovely chook yard for my girls, and Kunjie is welcome. There's a very productive leom tree, grape and passionfruit vine, veggie patch and even a wall out the front so the front yard is safe for the kids to play in as well. Even has a place for your caravan mum :)

So as soon as I'm settled I'll post some piccies for ya's.

Next weekend will be the big move, and as of tomorrow night, I'll be starting to pack things into boxes in preparation. That means I'll probably be a bit light on with my blog - and there probably wont be any more paintings for at least a week, probably even two. So please don't forget me - check in on me in a week or so and stay in touch!

Here's one I finished tonight. The colours are a little off because I've taken the photos in low light (I just could't wait until the morning - it's so much easier to blog when the kids are asleep!)

What do you think?

she finds it easy,

being green that is...

X Me


  1. She's VERY cute Donna! :-)

    I'm so glad things are falling into place with the little guy - good on you for persevering. You will feel sooooo much better having decent sleeps EVERY night.

    Looking forward to catching up tomorrow. Happy to help with the packing!! I'm an expert. :-)

    Yona xx

  2. Oh I just love your art. My "style" is similar. I feel a little strange claiming a style. But this is what I'm playing with currently. I cannot wait to explore your blog further!!! It is so thrilling to find new friends in this blogosphere! yay for connecting with women!

  3. Hi from another Aussie! Love your music, love your art!

    I hope your move goes smoothly and that you all sleep peacefully in your new home.

    My youngest is 15yrs old now, but I have strong memories of moving through life in a 'jet lag' after endless sleepless nights. But of course the little petals are worth it!

  4. These are absolutely stunning Donna!

    Ever thought of selling them? I would buy your artwork for sure - it is fabulous!

    So happy you are back into it!

    Maz xx

  5. I love it. Keep them coming.