Little Man

I'm so impatient. I usually finish off a layout either very late in the day, or in the wee small hours of the morning. Either way, there is no sun around and the photos I take of it never do it justice. And all because I'm too impatient to wait until the morning to photograph and upload. So - that said, the colours in this one are much nicer in real life - may try and take another pic in the morning but just love to keep things ticking over on my blog so you all don't get bored and stay away! It's so hard to put feelings into words when it comes to what I feel for Toby - he's truly captured my heart this little guy - what a special soul he is... Luv me x


As you can see I had a big night doing some power-scrappin'! I set myself the target of getting one done - and then reset it at two, and was on such a roll that I just kept going - until 1230 that is. So now I'm paying for it. But it will feel good to drop those cjs into a post pack today and say ta-ta. The first one is also another Everyday Journal entry - I'm getting in early! What do you reckon of these? Luv Me x


Journal Cover and One for Toby

Yep - I know - it's similar to the last journal cover, but seeing as though the last one only lasted a fortnight, I thought I'd stick with the general design again, and change it next time. Hopefully this one will last around 6 months. The Lo "Essence" is a scraplift - do you know who??? Have a great day everyone, luv Me x


Week 3 Family Journal

Well here they are - week three. They're ok - some I like, and some I'm not that keen on - but as you may well agree, the 24th of Aug is definitely the best! I'm finding it a challenge only having limites space to journal - and am having to really think about how to condense down the event into one or two short sentences - but it's all good. Hope you're having a great day. The sun is shining here and it's absolutely gorgeous. Luv Me x


Week Three Installments

So far so good, I've managed to make a start on my the third week of our family photo-journal thingo. I must point out for those of you who know Moo, she's not crying because of anything to do with the boots, she actually wanted me to push her on the swing, and I wanted to take a photo of her in her boots, so because of the 5 second delay involved in taking the photo and getting her into the swing - this is what happened. Mind you - she was all better within moments of this photo being taken - but it is a cute face to have on record!


New Thing...

Thanks to Nic (nmpomeroy for SM-ers) for showing me how to make this little collage of piccies using paint! Here are a few snaps I've taken for my Everyday Journal this week - except the frangipanis of course. They were from my garden in Broome!



Very excited - my new set of watercolour pencils arrived in the mail today, along with some brand new journals - Yippee! AND, my order from Pam arrived too - an array of various bits and pieces from her shop - one of which were these very cute Hambly wings you can see Millie Moo has on in the photo! I just had to try out those pencils so here's a few quickies for my Everyday Journal. And I mean that - these two together took about 20 minutes. Talk about grab and glue - I love it! This journal was quite small and will only have the last two weeks in it, but tonight I'll start a new one which should last around 6 months. These are the last two pages comprising some photos I took during the fortnight which didn't fit anywhere, but I couldn't just throw them out. What do you think! Luv Me x


Really Up to Date !

Right - O! Here's the challenge Emily put out today for this weeks card and the theme was, Themeless... Set the timer for 10 minutes, and come up with a creation. Stop when the alarm sounds! This was great fun, a real grab and glue exercise and I got to use this purple flourish I made ages ago but haven't known what to do with it! A bit of tissue paper, some flower stamps with pink paint, flourish, wooden flower, PP's and stars! Can anyone spot the mistake though?

Yay - I'm Finally Up-To-Date EF Challenge

I never thought I'd catch up, but I have! And only just in time, as Emily will put out the new challenge today. Here are weeks 25, 27 and 31. Week 31: No Regrets - I have none. Week 27: Junk Mail, just can't live without my Ezibuy catalogues! And week 25 was a photo that meant something to me. This is a pic taken of my brothers and sisters and I about 15 years ago in our old backyard. We'd gotten together for a lunch or something and were all eating watermelon in the garden, spitting the seeds out like we used to do as kids. This shot was taken and it has remained as my favourite of all of us because each individual personality just shines out. Happy times, good memories. Now, onto some CJ's!

8 Random Facts

I don't really like doing this stuff... But I will, this once... Just for you Tracey 'coz you seem so nice! But I'm not tagging anyone - 'coz anyone I know who has a blog has already been tagged, and why do you want to know random things about me anyway?
  1. I don't like chain thingo's
  2. Especially emails that say you have to do this or that in a certain amount of time to get a blessing or good luck.
  3. I'm a really good shot( with a rifle that is)
  4. My favourite fruit is a shatoot mulberry followed by a mango
  5. I used to row surf boats
  6. Now I live in Longreach, and believe it or not, there's a surfboat here and I've been asked if I want to row on the river!
  7. My first pet was a budjie called Cuddles and,
  8. I'd really love to learn the harmonica one day - and I've always wanted to play in a band.

There you go. Feel enlightened? Better go and do some real work now - have some marking to do, EF cards to catch up on and 4 cj's this week. So WATCH THIS SPACE - more arty stuff to come ...


So Beautiful...

Perhaps I'm just biased, but I think Millie is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen! Oh and Toby's my main man too - but this pic just shows Millie so well. It's quality is so much better on the original, but had to reduce it a fair bit to get it here. For all of you who visit regularly and a friends and family from back home - hope you're all well and loving life. We are... Love Me x


Some EF Cards and a Journal LO

I'm actually catchign up on my EF Cards - only two to go! Here's some I finished tonight. I'm really enjoying this little challenge. Filling in a small space is one challenge, but I also love the time I get to spend contemplating the special-ness of my life and the people who share it. It's nice...


My Everyday Journal and the Latest LO

Here are a few more of my everyday journal pages for the week - I still have one more to go for the past week. It's quite freeing to be able to just stick everything down quite randomly and be so ad-hock about it - very easy scrapping. And as you can se, they're not masterpices, but I love them just the same because they're telling our stories. Already Millie loves to flick through all thepages and point to all the photos - so they're serving their purpose for sure. The last is a layout I scrapped of Millie last night with her playdough - I love the look in her eye - gorgeous don't you reckon! Thanks for stopping by, Luv Me x


Tagged by Scrapwitch

Here 'tis WP - sorry it took a while... Not sure who to tag though - am light on with cyber pals... If you're reading this and have your own blog - you could tag yourself for me and let me know so I can check out your site - Deal! Love Me x

Applying the KISS Principle

Just finished this one. Am trying to keep it simple - but it is so very hard not to keep sticking, and gluing and there's all those pretty papers!!! 'Cuse the floor pic ! Love Me x


First Week Done...

Well here are a few more I've just finished for my Everyday Life Journal. You know what else I like about this idea? You get to use up all those little bits of your stash that you bought from Spotlight or the 2 buckshop, which at the time I convinced myself were quaint or cool or whimsical - but really were pretty average, and that never actually make it to an album LO because when you step foot through the front door of home your brain returns and you start wondering why you actually bought them... (what was I thinking buying die-cut shapes of icecreams and puppies???) Those fairy stickers, sticker alphas and die-cuts are all coming out and going into the EDJ stash pile to be used up - yay! I love using things - hate to store things away. My theory is: The sooner I use something, the sooner I can buy something new and fresh to replace it! Anyway - here they are - got the last two days mixed around in my journal and couldn't change it - bugger! WDYR? (that's me-cyber-speak for what do you reckon) Luv Me x

A Few Recent Pics

Fort hose of youwho are interested, here's a few photos taken in the last two days. And aren't you lucky - you get to see me with some serious morning hair! But I just love Toby in his red-racy outfit - this was a favourite of mine for Millie. And then there's yesterday's noteworthy incident of Toby finding his toes! Lastly, Toby and Dad watching the footy - and he really does look relaxed funnily enough! More scrappy bits to folow this arvo. TFL, Me x