Little Man

I'm so impatient. I usually finish off a layout either very late in the day, or in the wee small hours of the morning. Either way, there is no sun around and the photos I take of it never do it justice. And all because I'm too impatient to wait until the morning to photograph and upload. So - that said, the colours in this one are much nicer in real life - may try and take another pic in the morning but just love to keep things ticking over on my blog so you all don't get bored and stay away! It's so hard to put feelings into words when it comes to what I feel for Toby - he's truly captured my heart this little guy - what a special soul he is... Luv me x


  1. he is too cute - i can see why he takes captures your heart - how cool are u getting all this scrapping done - you must have the schedule finely tuned now - go girl!

  2. hahahaha, me too, only get time at night to scrap. and then I what to show.

    gorgeous work chick.