Lots-a Scrappin!

What a productive night I've had! Dinner was cooked and ready by 530 - tick! Eaten by 6:30 -tick! dishes done by 7 - tick! and a layout, EF card and swap completed by 9pm - tick, tick, tick!!! My goal for this layout was to take no longer than 30 minutes, and not to think about it. I didn't stop and think too much about card colours, or pp's, and pretty much stuck everything down without too much deliberation. The end result? Not too bad I think. What do you all reckon???
This is my EF card for week 30 - no I'm not up to date those of you who are also participating - I still have weeks21-29 to do, but this was the only theme I could remember off the top of my head from the list whilst sitting at my desk and feeling too lazy to get up and check it! Again, nothing too flash here - but I just need to actually do them. Even if I'm not 100% happy with them, I know that, for me, new ideas come in the doing - not in the waiting.
And then there's the picture of my new stash! What was I thinking??? Buying all those OTP projects when all I do is complain about not having enough time to scrap the kids!!! But they were sooo cheap - and they can always just sit in the box and wait can't they???... Also bought some textured paste to have a play with.
Lucky last are the paperclips I made for the SM Forum Swap. Never made these before but looking forward to getting back a little stash of different ones.
That's all from me. Thanks for stopping by and having a look - luv Me x


  1. Look like you got lots of goodies, I'm WaaaaaaaY behind in my Em cards too, think the last one I did was about week 20 so have a bit of catching up to do.

    Oh well


  2. wow donksi ..your latest creations are fabo babe..love those little clips..can ya make me some ?

  3. wow who has found some mojo - yippeee love it when you get so creative - lovin your style - glad to see you have heaps of otp stuff and the stash of goodies is getting bigger - lol- best get yourself into that craft room and make up some otp's so i can drool....can i borrow one of babes dribble cloths...lol...keep up the flow girlfriend you are looking good!