Very excited - my new set of watercolour pencils arrived in the mail today, along with some brand new journals - Yippee! AND, my order from Pam arrived too - an array of various bits and pieces from her shop - one of which were these very cute Hambly wings you can see Millie Moo has on in the photo! I just had to try out those pencils so here's a few quickies for my Everyday Journal. And I mean that - these two together took about 20 minutes. Talk about grab and glue - I love it! This journal was quite small and will only have the last two weeks in it, but tonight I'll start a new one which should last around 6 months. These are the last two pages comprising some photos I took during the fortnight which didn't fit anywhere, but I couldn't just throw them out. What do you think! Luv Me x


  1. oh yum!!!! lucky you to get some new stuff -- bet you have not put those pencils down.

  2. they look fabo to me ...loving your new 'jen inspired ' style