Everydaylife Journal - Jen Hall

At the moment I'm participating in an on-line class with Jen Hall called 'Everyday Life with Jen Hall' It's great! Here's my first installment - the journal cover. I love it - bright and funky - been wanting to do somehting like this for a while. It's pretty much a scraplift though of Jen's and the title blocks, brackets etc are from Jen's doodle sheets. Check out her site - a very yummy artist! Hey watch this space for journal pages to come...
What do you reckon? Luv Me x


  1. wow wee donski...thats totally fabo babe...can you post the next one bigger..i love to see the detail in your work chicky

  2. i just clicked and made it bigger..oh my its to sweet.

  3. oh yum - looks like a fun class indeedy -- you have done a beaut job of your album -- i'm very envious