8 Random Facts

I don't really like doing this stuff... But I will, this once... Just for you Tracey 'coz you seem so nice! But I'm not tagging anyone - 'coz anyone I know who has a blog has already been tagged, and why do you want to know random things about me anyway?
  1. I don't like chain thingo's
  2. Especially emails that say you have to do this or that in a certain amount of time to get a blessing or good luck.
  3. I'm a really good shot( with a rifle that is)
  4. My favourite fruit is a shatoot mulberry followed by a mango
  5. I used to row surf boats
  6. Now I live in Longreach, and believe it or not, there's a surfboat here and I've been asked if I want to row on the river!
  7. My first pet was a budjie called Cuddles and,
  8. I'd really love to learn the harmonica one day - and I've always wanted to play in a band.

There you go. Feel enlightened? Better go and do some real work now - have some marking to do, EF cards to catch up on and 4 cj's this week. So WATCH THIS SPACE - more arty stuff to come ...


  1. Thanks, I hate chain letters and those E-mails as well they are very annoying.

  2. me too .they fully suck,both of them!!!!