Thank You Jen!

Friday night I finished up a week-long on-line class with a 'live' classroom called "Everyday Life with Jen Hall" It was such a great class and sooo inspiring. I'm really fired up now to journal the everyday life things each week to keep as precious living memories. The beauty of this for me is that it's not quite so polished and time-consuming as doing layouts for the albums - so is especially user-friendly for busy mums like me! Anyway - here's the first two installments with all the frames and doodle blocks being Jen's own. If you like them, contact Jen through her blog to get copies (I don't know if she does but you could ask). I recommend you do this class though - lots of great ideas and tips from a great artist! What do you think?! Love Me x


  1. love your wonderful piece...hey if you ever come and visit we can go to a real life class too...how cool would that be

  2. toooo yum - they are beautiful entries.
    sorry to hear that the little pumpkin is not well -- know that all too well - and the tantrums and unreasonableness of it all too-- but being mum, you will get through it - we have to- have a great day tommorow and i hope she is on the mend. Have fun with your journalling and i am waiting on the edge of my outer seat for your ef cards .....