As you can see I had a big night doing some power-scrappin'! I set myself the target of getting one done - and then reset it at two, and was on such a roll that I just kept going - until 1230 that is. So now I'm paying for it. But it will feel good to drop those cjs into a post pack today and say ta-ta. The first one is also another Everyday Journal entry - I'm getting in early! What do you reckon of these? Luv Me x


  1. uh huh thats what i was talkin' bout! - they are so kool with a big old fashioned K - great work donna --- can't wait for you to get my book -- oh yum it will be great...

  2. Hey Kebab, great going girl,doesn't it feel so good to knock a cj over or two!!!! Happy Scrappin Love Pam