Yay - I'm Finally Up-To-Date EF Challenge

I never thought I'd catch up, but I have! And only just in time, as Emily will put out the new challenge today. Here are weeks 25, 27 and 31. Week 31: No Regrets - I have none. Week 27: Junk Mail, just can't live without my Ezibuy catalogues! And week 25 was a photo that meant something to me. This is a pic taken of my brothers and sisters and I about 15 years ago in our old backyard. We'd gotten together for a lunch or something and were all eating watermelon in the garden, spitting the seeds out like we used to do as kids. This shot was taken and it has remained as my favourite of all of us because each individual personality just shines out. Happy times, good memories. Now, onto some CJ's!

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