3 More Down 2 to go...

Here's three more Everyday Journal entries - I don't suppose I'll post every single on eup - but I'll just do the first week or two. I'm enjoying these watercolour pencils so much I haven't touched the PP yet - but will probably go that way soon! I just love how easy this is - and free, very fun and hopefully a user-friendly diary for the whole family. Perhaps I'll get another one of these scroll thingies and have dedicated Journal pics rolling through...

The whole guts of the week-long on-line class with Jen was that it's the little - day to day things that you don't want to forget. You want your kids to be able to thumb through these journals over and over without stressing about touching them or wrecking them, and you want to be able to get it done in a reasonable amount of time (unlike some of my layouts which can take hours!). They're not exactly works of art - but another avenue to try little techniques and use up left-over stash. They capture life, as it is, everyday. It's a diary - but without having to write pages and pages - really it's a snap-shot of the things you just don't want toforget. Jen has been doing these for ages and has plenty already. I'd really love to keep this going. It's all about routines. Jen collects her info during the week, jotting ideas andnotes down on post-its and then dedicates friday night to printing off photos and doing 7 pages in the journal. Once I'm in that groove, I think I will keep it up - but I'm playing catch-up from last week atm. What do you think? Love Me x


  1. these are awesome donna..i think you have definately found your THING ...to lush

  2. just copy and save to file the blinkie ,the repost into your blog of the day ..im not unwell..paint it still there , i was sitting down..pmsl

  3. Don - I've been away (PD in Pth and Mum's pace for a visit). THANKS for Jett's prezzie - too cool! Will phone in next day or so for yarns but just wanted to say I am lurving your everyday journal and I want one!!! I have not scrapped a thing since you left - total denial perhaps?! LOVE the journal idea - I keep a writing kinda journal -perhaps I can add some of this kinda stuff?? Don xx
    PS kisses for Moosa and the cutest boy Tobsta