Step One - Gel Medium to your heart's content...

Does anyone else out there have a problem finding an apt title for their blog posts? How much time do you agonise over it - if any at all? Usually I don't - just something comes to mind, but for some strange reason I couldn't think for the life of me what to title this one!

Well, tonight I finally made a start on those canvasses which have been silently sitting in my study/scraproom/studio/craft room/creative space waiting to be loved and painted and rollered on. Two months now - it's been two whole months with no painting in sight - but tonight that all changed. I put down the first layer. And it probably looks very unexciting to you - but it's a sign of getting over a very big road block for me!

Now they are ready for phase two - sketching and rolling on that paint and texture paste - I love this part. It's wher eit all starts to take shape - the layers begin and the character starts to show through. So hopefully - there will be some more photos to come each day (although as my dear old pop used to say, don't hang by your toenails waiting!) We'll see...

Miss M has been going crazy drawing PEOPLE the last few days! Yes - that's right, people. "So what" I hear you say? Well, up until a few days ago she was only managing a scribble and the odd circle here and there. Now she's right into them - all shapes and sizes with very looooon g or very short arms and legs! They ALL have belly buttons (must be an important thing for her ?) and today they started having ears and earrings! Here's her first one with a body - not just a head with legs and arms comming out of it! Isn't it too cute!

Check out the size of that belly button! I've got so many of these in all different colours and sizes and I can't bring myself to throw them away! So I've laminated a few to use as doileys on my dressing table and bed side tables - and there's some on the fridge too!

I hope there's been a little something in your life that's made you smile today. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.


  1. love the drawing, so good! Such a sense of humour already in friendly art.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog through another artist.I can't wait to see the next stage of this!

  3. oh wow --- you are gonna get to play with your canvasses.... yippeee... bet you are so excited - lol... and you have a production line going too... let that creative energy just flow don... can't wait for a peak of the finished product... take care