The Lingering Scent of Christmas...

Hello blog readers - this entry is on eof those - family-catch-up ones, soooo, sorry if your're popping in to have a sneak peek at some crafty arty loveliness, because there isn't any today. Soon...
I know these are very late in coming - and the jolly season has well and truly gone, the lights have been packed away and the smells of prawns on the barby are a mere memory drooling down our chins, BUT, I thought you still may be interested in seeing how the peeps' day went...
This is what Father Christmas brought Miss M and HJ. And they were very excited to say the least. They beg me daily to push them on the swings - what little kid doesn't love that feeling eh!
And here's the Mumma in all her morning glory sporting a nifty little spotty - stripey - pirate kind of look - noice!

Just check out the face on this little guy would you - he just cracks me up!And again! He was so delighted in the see-saw. Pure, unadulterated joy - priceless...
What Christmas is complete without a Thomas the Tank Engine story book?"Thankyou HJ"
"Here you go HJ" Miss M giving her gift to her little brother...
And there yo uhave it folks - just a few little happy snaps of the day. We then went on to spend the rest of the day with the Hosking family which was great - but I just didn't take any more photos!
'Till next time, thanks for stopping by,
X Me.


  1. Those are some happy kids! Seeing them on the swing set makes me look forward to warmer weather coming here. I am going to do a tutorial for taking self portraits very soon. I have a busy couple of months coming up, but it is definitely going to be one of the Slam projects for this year.

  2. i bet they are still beaming from those fab pressies don. nice look on their mumma too...lol.. catch ya