It's soooo difficult to find time to create when you have two little people always jealous of your time. Usually I only get to begin thinking about painting after 8 o'clock at night , and by then my mojo is mush. Not to mention that 2008 has taken it's toll on me creatively...

BUT! I have managed to create a background - last night in fact. This is a big development! It has come to the point where I am stealing moments rather than minutes to add bits and pieces to it. All you out there with time on your hands - love it! You are very lucky! Not to say I would change a thing - my time will come and I LOVE being mummy to these two - but it would be such a treat to have at least 60 minutes of UPT (Uninterrupted Painting Time!)

Well, hopefully in a few days there will be something finished to post. Watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. Cool Donna. Can't wait to see who appears on this lovely background!
    Fee :-)

  2. love your background, love all your work, havent seen you at the shop for a while, hope you are all well