He Eats His Vegies

Kona, Hawaii. 2.4 mile ocean swim. 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon chaser just for good fun... Can you imagine it? I mean most people can't imagine the pain of a marathon alone - without the added extras. But my bro is a champion. he finished the ironman in Hawaii on sunday. Not only that, he came fourth in his age group (mum tells me if he was a month older and in the next age group he would have won it) and 52nd overall. That is, 52nd out of over 1800 competitors. And that is hot on the heels of having three months with no running at all because of fractured bones in his feet!
But wait, that's not all.! Aparently with still around 75 km's left of his ride, his gears broke, and he rode those 75 km's hunched over holding them together... The guy who got third place was only 22 seconds ahead of him - so it's likely a 3rd or even 2nd place would have been likely. BUT - that doesn't really matter does it - I mean I think he's a legend. So Brad - on behalf of me and the mob, a HUGE congrats to you big bro. Leave him some love if you like! Seeya! X Me
ps: these pics were taken at the Busselton Ironman - the qualifier.

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