Last Night's Efforts...

OK, a quickie coz I'm on the run. Here's a couple I finished last night. I'm never ever completely satisfied with my scrapping - but am happy that at least they're getting done - and the memories are preserved before they're forgotten! The first one is a sketch of day 1 Octoberfest 2008 with Jen Hall, and the second was just a gorgeous photo that had to be scrapped! Lots more to come, as I'll be doing one a day for this month! Thanks for stopping by, X Me

Day 1 This was supposed to be on a Hambly transparency but I couldn't source one in time - could only get this lacy paper which I thought was a bit of overkill... The day 2 layout was supposed to be the reverse side of day 1 - but used the off-cut instead...

Day 2


  1. What fun! I like your blog and your heart centered approaches. Thank you for sharing