My Creative Space...

It's not exactly a studio, and it's not a scrap room either. It's my half of the study which I share with my DH. I'd love to have a studio to stretch out in, but then again, I suppose it's better than having to space at all.
Today I made the curtains to go around the table - they cover a multitude of sins. And the paint pot tins hanging up were from Spotlight the other day - so good to see all my colours now instead of rumaging through my old tool box for a long lost tube of colour! I finally managed to drill the holes for the pin up board and pictures (it only took 9 months lol) and the desk actually got a wipe over today! And, you can see a few more pieces of art in the making on my desk, so watch this space - they should be ready in a bout a week or so. What does your creative space look like? Leave a link in the comments if you want!
Thanks for stopping by, X Me.

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  1. Your space looks fabulous! I can't wait to see your work in progress when it's finished!