And one more...

I had my gorgeous nieces over today so had time to finish off one more...
Introducing Ruby...
Stamped around her dress are the words:
She Was Waiting...
Thanks for stopping by, X Me


  1. Hmmm...well thay are all such beautiful women. Ruby looks like the kind of gal i'd be friends with...in fact she kinda looks like a soul buddie I already have - plus Ruby is a special name to me so perfect choice.
    Your girl Number 5 looks totally like an 'Astaria' to me (bit of a Balingup name for ya!)
    love your creativity, ta for sharing
    Don x

  2. Wow Donna,
    How do you do it?? 5 wonderful creations, all different, all beautiful.
    I can't wait to finally see them all in the FLESH.
    Yona xx

  3. WOW! I love the color you use.. the paint job is just AWESOME.. oh my.. how did you get all those effects from the paint.. and the dress is like transparent with the flower patterns underneath.. it's gorgeous!

  4. WoW Donna these take my breath away, they are just so beautifully brillant and they would look amazing on a wall together. Hope you keep creating more of these wonderful canvas......


  5. Fabulous, is all I can say!!
    You are one talented chicky!!

    I think Ruby is my fave. She nearly talks with those very cool eyes....well done, Don!

    Totally loving these! :)

    Chelle Xx