Day 16 - Sunday the 15th July

It's been quite chilly here lately - actually the whole of Qld is a bit the same way. 3 degrees the last few nights, and only making it to approx 19 degrees in the day! The Uggies are getting a good work out - and the Milo tin is getting a bit of a hammering too just quietly... Thank god it's only short-lived! I love the contrast with the grasses behind in this 'squinty pic' - god only knows how I'm gonna keep this up - stay tuned! Scrapping posts later on today - PROMISE!


  1. It's been freezing here too. about the same temps, can't wait til we get back to those nice QLD winters again.

    Love you pic. Started this too, only up to day three though.

    Take care.

  2. Now what's a Pagan doing publishing Lo's about The Lord???!!!

    ......just a quick word re this above comment..lol..i knew someone would say something..lol

    just to let you know pagans..have a god and a goddess...
    try to find a book called the mists of avalon(there's a movie too)it explains how pagan culture has been transformed,into todays 'god and mother'..ITS AN AWESOME READ...

  3. hey yeah ...wheres ya photo for today ??

  4. MY SAT PHOTO IS THRERE DON,DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED..MY FRIDAY UPLOAD WENT IN LATE AND IT STUFFED UP..MY BLOG TIME IS OFF...CONFUSED..just to reassure you i have all picks therand my latest from today..heheheeeeee